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Runtime APIs

NuGram Hosted Server offers an RESTful, HTTP-based runtime API to access its services (dynamic grammar instantiation, grammar generation, text-based semantic interpretation, etc.), as well as a simplified HTTP API for use by VoiceXML applications.

Both APIs are explained in details in the NuGram Hosted Server HTTP API documentation.

There is also a complete example illustrating its use in a VoiceXML application.

Programmatic APIs

However, since most client applications won't want to deal with a low-level HTTP-based protocol, a high-level client API is available in various programming languages:

  • JavaScript (rhino)
  • Java
  • Python 2.5 & 2.6/Jython 2.5
  • Ruby

Installation of the client API

The latest version of the client API is available directly from GitHub. To install the APIs using the git tool, enter the following command at the shell prompt:

 > git clone git://github.com/nuecho/nugramserver-clients.git
 [... output elided ...]
 > cd nugramserver-clients
 > ls
 java  javascript  LICENSE.txt  python  README  ruby

Alternatively, an archive containing the source code can be downloaded either from GitHub (by clicking on the "Download" button), or directly from the NuGram site.


All client APIs are fully documented (in the source code) and contain a small example that illustrates its use. We will also regularly post complete examples on our blog.


Here is a simple example that shows how to use the API to generate a dynamic grammar based on the following template and get its URL (for use by a speech recognition engine) for its XML form, in three different languages: