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Getting Started

Once you are registered user of NuGram Hosted Server, you are only two steps away from using the NuGram services in your application.

1. Author and publish

The first step is to create your dynamic ABNF grammars and publish them on our server. The Grammar Language Tutorial explains how to turn a static grammar into a dynamic one.

Grammars to be used by NuGram Hosted Server are best edited using NuGram IDE, an Eclipse-based environment specifically designed to support the authoring and testing of static and dynamic grammars for use by NuGram Server and NuGram Hosted Server. It supports the whole dynamic grammar language and offers many powerful editing and debugging features.

To use a grammar on NuGram Hosted Server, it must first be published, i.e. uploaded to a valid account. Grammars are usually published directly from NuGram IDE using the publishing tool. This is the recommended way of publishing grammars.

2. Integrate

Once your grammars have been published, your application can now use them by invoking the NuGram services through one of the provided APIs.

In short, to use a dynamically-generated grammar, your application simply needs to:

  1. Initiate a session with NuGram Hosted Server.
  2. Send data to the templating engine.
  3. Pass the generated URL to your communication platform/speech-recognition engine.
    Invoke the semantic interpretation service on a string of text.

The API section contains examples in various languages.