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NuGram Hosted Server is a free, hosted infrastructure you can use to manage and deploy static and dynamic grammars (based on W3C's SRGS ABNF specification) for use by your favorite cloud-based telephony/communication platform. With NuGram Hosted Server, there is no need to implement a custom, application-specific dynamic grammar generation solution.


  • Dynamic grammars made simple
    No web expertise required! With NuGram Hosted Server, you don't need to set up a web server, open ports in your corporate firewall, learn to code JSP/ASP pages. Just publish your grammars on our server and start using them!
  • Simple to use APIs
    Integrating dynamic grammars in an application has never been easier. The provided APIs can be used from virtually any application with minimum of effort.
  • Leverage a proven grammar development process
    With NuGram Hosted Server and NuGram IDE, you can use your existing grammar development process with dynamic grammars. You can test your dynamic grammars interactively, run coverage tests on them, generate sentences, etc. All this without leaving your grammar development environment.

A standards-compliant solution

Because of our commitment to support the W3C standards (SRGS, SISR) as well as the major speech recognition engines on the market, NuGram Hosted Server integrates smoothly with:

  • the leading hosted voice platforms;
  • the leading voice service creation environments (SCEs);
  • any text-based application that would benefit from using grammar-based semantic interpretation (IM/SMS/Twitter-based applications, even desktop applications).


The NuGram Server technology provides many runtime services, like:

  • Automatic conversion
    Author your grammars in ABNF and let the server convert them in the SRGS XML form (aka GrXML) or GSL at runtime.
  • Dynamic grammar generation
    Invoke the templating engine to render dynamically-generated grammars using call- or user-specific information.
  • Semantic interpretation
    Invoke the sentence interpreter on textual sentences using your static or dynamically-generated grammars. Ideal for text-based applications (IM bot, SMS, Twitter)!

It also provides a number of features to help manage grammars:

  • Sharing
    Grammars can be made public to share them with other developers.
  • Tagging
    Grammars can be tagged, to help organize them and search for other grammars sharing the same properties.
  • Comments
    Grammars can be commented, to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the community members.

Finally, NuGram Hosted Server provides debugging tools:

  • Session viewer
    Inspect the logs produced by each session.