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Author grammars with NuGram IDE...
... Integrate them using one of many APIs

NuGram Hosted Server is a free grammar hosting service
based on the NuGram Server technology.

  • Serve dynamically-generated grammars to your favorite cloud-based communication platform
  • Convert grammars on-the-fly to the desired format
  • Add semantic interpretation to your text-based application (like IM/SMS/Twitter bots)
  • Share grammars with the user community

Overview   |   Getting started   |   Code samples
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Thank you for your support over the years. It has been a pleasure having you as a user. Nu Echo announces the end-of-life of the NuGram Platform and grammarserver.com. As of March 31st, 2018, both the NuGram Platform and grammarserver.com will be shutdown and the functionality of any active license will be terminated.

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